Divya Shakti Peeth is arguably central India’s Most Serene and magnificent temple. It stands for stand the test of time, variabilities of society, & eras of evolution.
The most unique thing about this grand temple is that it is one of the few such temples in the country, where on the basis of Durga Shaptashati, an idol of 18-armed Durga Maa is placed in the temple. Along with this, we also built Ram Darbar and Radha-Krishna temples. An auditorium named ‘Kishanlal Airen Sabhagrah’ with a capacity of 500 people has also been built on the temple premises, so that religious events can be organized here. A grand Jhulelal temple has also been established on the temple premises itself. Apart from this, a ‘Gaushala‘ has been constructed.

Future Plans

Our aim is that people come here not only to visit the temple but also to spend time in a good environment, so we have also built a beautiful garden and a grand cowshed here. There is also a plan to build a yoga and health care center here in the future. For kids, we will also make a Play area.